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Release Update of Doctor's Rescue by Lia Meadows

 Hey book-lover! How are you? Today I am coming with a Release Update of a contemporary romance novel written by Lia Meadows . This is the second book written by Lia Meadows and it's released on 24th December, 2022. The Name of this fantastic romance piece is Doctor's Rescue .  About the author Lia Meadows in her words: " I live on a farm with many rescue animals, horses, mini pigs, donkeys, cows, dogs and a bird. Many of these animals require special treatment which I enjoy providing each day. Most of these animals came to my farm so broken from lack of care it was a miracle they survived. I have so enjoyed seeing these abused animals thrive under the proper care and grateful to be a part of their recovery. No matter how many hours I spend taking care of the animals they have always given back more than they take with the countless laughs, smiles and affection they give me each day. Writing books has provided me with a wonderful creative outlet which allows me to stay ho

Release Update of Charles K. Carter's Read My Lips

 Hey book-lover! How are you? This post is the Release Update of poet Charles K. Carter's debut full length poetry collection Read My Lips. The collection was released on 2nd November, 2022. 

About the poet Charles K. Carter:
Charles K. Carter (he/him) is a queer poet from Iowa who currently lives in Oregon. He shares his home with his artist husband and their spoiled pets. He enjoys film, yoga, and live music. Melissa Etheridge is his ultimate obsession. Carter has an MFA in writing from Lindenwood University. He is a volunteer video curator for Button Poetry. His poems have been featured in several literary journals. Carter is the author of four chapbooks, including Salem Revisited (WordTech Editions). His first full-length collection, Read My Lips (David Robert Books), was released in November 2022.

About Read My Lips poetry collection: 

Charles K. Carter’s Read My Lips is a collection of poetry that follows the metamorphosis of romance; journeying from adolescent crushes to casual intimate encounters to marriage and heartbreak. Carter utilizes a variety of poetic forms including blank verse, free verse, ghazal, haiku, nirat, and prose poem as well as more unconventional forms.

Charles K. Carter reads a poem from Read My Lips on kmgreads Poetry Cafe:

Reviews for Read My Lips

“Charles K. Carter swings effortlessly from dizzy yearning to quirky playfulness to diamond-sharp psychological insight. Poem after poem glows with a sense that even the most transient of everyday objects such as fries, soda or lipstick can serve as vehicles into Carter’s imaginative lyricism. Read My Lips is a bold yet tender, direct yet shimmering collection of poems by a bright young American poet.” – Bren Booth-Jones, author of Open Letters to the Sky

“Waking up to the vulnerability of the body and the heart, the speaker of Read My Lips shares what it is to surrender. The urgency in these pages is honest and forever unapologetic.”
– Lauren Davis, author of Home Beneath the Church

“In Read My Lips, Charles K. Carter leads the reader back in time, into the pained and glorious years of adolescent heartbreak, and of coming to terms with one’s sexuality in a world that seems dedicated to forcing us to hide who we are from it. But Carter knows that we cannot, ever. The poems, here, are a testament to all of the ways in which one must raise one’s voice and shout to the world; we are here and we are enough! Underlying this work is a groundswell of deep, deep courage and the desire to tell others; in this, you are never alone.” – James Diaz, author of All Things Beautiful are Bent

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I hope you enjoyed reading the Release Update of  the collection Read My Lips. I am coming very soon with a new blog post. Till then keep reading, keep smiling. Bye!


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